IWLS2 2018

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International Workshop on Lean Satellite - 2018

January 22 ~ January 24, 2018

Kitakyushu International Conference Centre, Japan

 Every year since 2011, an international workshop to discuss various aspects of lean satellites, especially testing and standards, has been held. The purpose of this three-day workshop is to further promote the study on lean satellites. Lean satellites provide new research opportunities. The proliferation of lean satellites is changing the landscape of the space sector. Nowadays, universities, small businesses, and developing countries are emerging as new stakeholders. To deliver value to those stakeholders as well as to traditional stakeholders with affordable cost and permissible waiting time, there are various issues to be examined further, such as standards, testing, operation, manufacturing, interface, project management, etc.

 This workshop intends to serve as an open forum for people interested in making and using satellites differently from the traditional ways.

 The workshop is organized by Kyushu Institute of Technology with the support of the City of Kitakyushu. The workshop is sponsored by Infostellar, Inc.