December 10~14, 2012

at Kyushu Institute of Technology & Kitakyushu International Conference Center, Kitakyushu, Japan

 Micro/Nano satellite development activities are rapidly growing worldwide whose purposes range from education, demonstration of new technology and commercial application, and others. The use of micro/nano satellites for commercial purposes will open a new market of space applications, leading to the paradigm shift of space utilization. Various statistics, however, indicate very poor success rate of micro/nano satellites. To promote the commercial application of micro/nano satellites, there is an urgent need to improve their reliability in orbit while keeping the advantages of micro/nano satellites, i.e. low-cost and fast-delivery.

 In December 2011, First International Workshop on Standardization of Nanosatellite Technologies was held in Japan with participation of 90 experts including 36 from abroad. In the workshop, it was recognized by the participants that international standardization for nanosatellite testing had a great merit for the growth of worldwide nanosatellite activities and utilization. They agreed to cooperate as experts toward establishment of an ISO standard on nanosatellite testing. A mailing list was established to exchange information and a file server was installed at Kyushu Institute of Technology. The first draft outline of the standard was released in April, 2012 available at

 The purpose of the workshop in December 2012 is to promote the standardization project further based on the success of the previous workshop. It consists of the following activities

 Satellites to be dealt in the standard are mainly made of non-space-qualified commercial-off-the-shelf components to achieve low-cost and fast-delivery. Their weight and size is, but not limited to, typically less than 50kg and 50cm, respectively. The workshop intends to serve as an open forum for people interested in the standardization of nanosatellite testing. The registration is free of charge.

 The workshop is organized by The Society of Japanese Aerospace Companies (SJAC) and Kyushu Institute of Technology, under the support of the Ministry of Trade and Industry through "Asia Standard and Certification Promotion Project".

Schedule & Venue

December 10 & 11 Test demonstration (Center for Nanosatellite Testing, Kyushu Institute of Technology)

December 12 Research Presentation (Kitakyushu International Conference Center)

December 13 & 14 Discussion on the working draft (Kitakyushu International Conference Center)

Those who wish to make presentation on December 12th should contact the e-mail address below by November 23rd, 2012.



Shigekatsu Horii, The Society of Japanese Aerospace Companies

Mengu Cho, Ph.D., Professor and Director, Center for Nanosatellite Testing, Kyushu Institute of Technology